Map 7 — Green route

Velika Gorica – Pleso – Velika Mlaka

Preuzmite kartu

The route is thought to be a combination of urban and rural atmospheres, and to provide an overview of the modern and traditional architecture of the Velika Gorica area. The city streets all with its names will be sufficient for proper orientation at all key inter­sections. This city route begins at the parking lot on Franjo Lučić St. in the very centre of the City of Velika Gorica, near the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Turopolje Museum (see the light-red route). Head along Franjo Lučić St. to the intersection with Pleška and Rakarska Streets, where you will see the crucifix, and continue riding straight along Pleška St.. Pass by the Pleška bistro and BB on the right, and by the sport and recreation centre of Velika Gorica also on your right. Continue straight along Pleška St., and at the y intersection of Pleška St. and Š. Breščenska St., near the entry sign for the Pleso neighbourhood, turn left and continue along Pleška St.. After about 600 m, you will reach the crucifix on the left hand side of the road and a small turn circle at the intersection of Pleška and Plepelićeva Streets. Here continue to the right along Pleška St. to the inter­section with Š. Breščenskog St.. Here turn left onto Š. Breščenskog St. towards the Zagreb airport. On the right hand side is a green, grassy field. Directly across from the monu­ment on the green field, turn left onto Mikulčićeva St., where you will see the new Velika Gorica family hotel, Garny Hotel. At the end of Mikulčićeva St., turn right onto Plepelićeva St. At the first intersection with Petra Zrinskog St., continue riding straight, and at the next intersection turn left, then take Aerodromska St. straight through to the Pleso field and the lovely, wooden Chapel of the Wounded Jesus. The newly built parish Church of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac also stands in the Pleso field, and the parish priest from this parish holds mass in both sacral buildings. From the chapel, continue riding straight along Aerodromska St. to Sinjska St., where you turn right, and then left onto Šibenska St. At the end of Šibenska St., turn left onto *akovačka St., and from *akovačka right onto Zadarska St.. Now you are on the very busy Zagrebačka St. heading towards the City of Zagreb where you turn right and continue riding along the sidewalk to the intersection. At the intersection of Zagrebačka St. and Rudolfa Fizira St., which leads to the Zagreb Airport, continue straight across the intersection. Here to the right along Zagrebačka St. begins the newly constructed, paved Velika Gorica bicycle path. The 2 km path leads along the field all the way to the overpass and is completely separated from the busy road. At about 700 m from the beginning of the path, to the left is a nice view of the beginning of the Zagreb Airport runway. A large owerbed was created in the grass along the path as a welcome to all incoming planes. As the path continues, to the right you will see mostly corn fields and orchards. From the path, climb to the left onto the overpass across the railway tracks and come down towards Velika Mlaka. This is the end of the bicycle path, you will again be on the road. Follow the brown signs for the wooden Church of St. Barbara in Velika Mlaka. Turn right off of Zagrebačka St. onto Nikole Kramarića St. and from N. Kramarića St., turn left onto Napedak St., again following the brown signs. Pass by the Mercator store on the left hand side, here you can find an ATM machine for Zagrebačka Bank. Across the street is the Antares Bistro. You will come upon a y intersection where you turn right onto Sv. Barbare St. towards the wooden church bearing the same name. You will arrive at an intersection with the church and parish court complex, all surrounded by a wooden fence. The wooden Church of St. Barbara in Velika Mlaka is the loveliest, most valuable and best preserved of all the wooden chapels and churches in the area between the Sava and Kupa Rivers. If you wish to view the interior of the church and admire the painted wooden walls of the interior of this fantastic Turopolje beauty, kindly contact the very friendly bell-ringer and key-master, Mrs. Lacković. Behind the church complex is the Velika Mlaka Elementary School. To return, turn left along Sv. Barbare St. to Majke Hrvatice Square in Velika Mlaka, and then right again onto Nikole Kramarića St., and back along the same route to Velika Gorica and the route starting point.

Cultural-historical, ethnology and natural points of interest:

  • Wooden Chapel of the Wounded Jesus, Pleso field – this chapel was erected and furnished in 1758 by Rozalija Plepelić, the widow of the nobleman Ladislav Plepelić. The year 1896 is written in paint on the façade and, according to the type of chapel and the way the planks (wooden beams) are joined, could correspond to the year of construction. The foundation beams, as well as the chapel walls, were cut and joined in the “German” angle. The chapel walls are adorned with paintings of the Stations of the Cross in wood, by artist Mato Mihinica from Obrezina. Key to the chapel, Parish Office Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, tel: +385 1 6222 170, parish priest Josip Ružman.
  • Wooden Church of St. Barbara, Velika Mlaka – The oldest part of the church dates back to 1642, which is the date carved into the covered entrance into the church, which was added on to in 1912. This is also the year that the bell tower was added and is considered the year in which the church received its current appearance. The oldest paintings date back to 1699, and the main, winged early Baroque altar with twelve scenes by an unknown artist date back to 1679. On the outer sides of the wings are motives from the life of St. Barbara, while on the inner sides are motives of the Passion of Christ. Particularly interesting is the painting of St. Kšmmernisse, a female saint with a beard, the patron saint of people in trouble. This painting is from 1759. Also interesting is the legend of the poor fidler and the female saint with the beard. In the church courtyard is a one-story wooden house with veranda made of richly carved wood, which is today’s parish court, and the small wooden chamber for holding wheat, the remains of the former church economy, is also interesting. Key to the church – Parish Office Velika Mlaka, tel: +385 1 6234 761, mob: +385 98 623 173. Key to the Church by announ­cement: Mrs. Ljubica Lacković, Svete Barbare Street 44, tel: 6234 772. Feast day: 4 December, regular masses Sundays at 8 and 11 a.m.

Service information:

  • Velika Gorica: Tourist Association of Velika Gorica, Ul. M. Slatinskog 11, tel. +385 1 6222 378, 6221 666,;
  • For accommodation:,
  • Velika Gorica Police Station, M. Magdalenića 2, tel. +385 1 6221 144. Velika Gorica medical center and E.R. (operating also in the area of Orle, Kravarsko and Pokupsko), Matice hrvatske bb, tel. +385 1 6379 700, E.R.: tel. + 385 1 6379 715.
  • Zagreb Airport, Pleso bb, tel. +385 1 6265 222,
  • Velika Gorica Railway Station, Kolodvorska 151, tel. +385 1 3782 731.
  • Lopuh–Alfa (bike shop and repair service), Zagrebačka 65, tel. +385 1 6252 507.
  • Svijet bicikla (bike shop and repair service), Trg Kralja Tomislava 28, tel./fax. +385 1 6253 477.
  • Tyre repair Brdek, Kolodvorska 26, tel. +385 1 6224 945. INA Petrol Station, Velika Mlaka north, Zagrebačka bb, tel. +385 1 6235 955; Ljudevita Posavskog bb, tel. +385 1 6224 865.
  • Euro petrol station, Sisačka bb, tel. +385 1 6219 785. Post Office, S. Kolara 15, tel. +385 1 6222 128/148 and Kralja Tomislava Square 34, tel. +385 1 6222 098.
  • Zagrebačka bank ATM machines: J. Dobrile St. 25; Kralja Tomislava Sq. 32; Stjepana Radića Sq. 3, Galženica;
  • Zagreb Airport Building; Napredak St. bb, Velika Mlaka,
  • Raiffeisen bank ATM machines: Petra Krešimira Sq. 4 (market place),
  • Privredna banka ATM machine: Zagrebačka St. 12, Kralja Tomislava Sq. 33,
  • Erste & Steiermarkische bank ATM machine: Kneza Ljudevita Posavskog St. 51 (Kaufland).
  • Orle Municipality Office, Orle 5, tel. +385 1 6239 609. Orle Health Clinic, Orle 7, tel. +385 1 6239 100, Raft on the river of Sava, Vrbovo Posavsko – Oborovo, Damir Obrstar, tel. +385 1 2761 129, mob. +385 98 376 517.
  • Bistro Lopoč and shop Košara, Veleševec 194, tel. +385 1 6239 257.
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