Map 8 — Brown route

Donja Kupčina – Pisarovina – Dvoranci – Skenderi – Gradec Pokupski

Preuzmite kartu

This short but sweet route will lead you through the area of Pisarovina County. The gentle rolling hills of this region and beautiful landscape are perfect for recreational cycling. The route begins in Donja Kupčina 1 in front of the Church of St. Mary Magda­lene or in front of the local museum. Head down the main road towards Pisarovina; we recommend that you ride with caution. The road runs in part through the villages and hamlets, and then between the embankments of the Pisarovina fish pond. At the 7.3 km mark from the starting point, after a slight climb, you enter Pisarovina. In the centre, at the y intersection 2    , turn right at the chapel next to the volunteer fire fighter’s building towards Jamnica Pisarovinska. The route climbs slightly as you approach Jam­nica Pisarovinska, and in the distance you see the parish Church of St. Martin which dominates over the landscape. At the 9.7 km mark from the starting point, you will reach a plateau near the Church, and we recommend that you stop because of the beautiful Church and the viewing point over the entire area, especially from the courtyard behind the church. If you look at the Church from the graveyard, it appears to be as strong as a fortified medieval castle. Continue along the road to Lučelnica. At the 10.5 km mark from the starting point, there is a y intersection 3 where you turn right onto the wide gravel road. The intersection is immediately following a right hand curve, so you must pay attention in order not to miss the turn off. The route continues on a wide, well main­tained gravel road through the forest. Riding through the forest is very pleasant, espe­cially during the hot summer days. At the 12.2 km mark from the starting point, you will approach a y intersection on the gravel road where you should hold to the left side and continue towards Tomići. The gravel road to the right continues on towards Radenići. At the t intersection 13.2 km from the starting point 4 the gravel road ends, turn right onto the paved road and enter the village of Tomići. Continue through Špišić to the intersection 5 15 km from the starting point and turn left here towards Dvoranci. The route goes over the ridge of the hill with a beautiful view of the fields and pastures sur­rounding you. On your left in the distance, you can see the tower of the Church of St. Martin which you have already visited. There is also the wooden Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Dvoranci (see the blue route). At the 17 km mark from the starting point, you will approach the t intersection 6    ; the straight road continues to the Dubravci village, while our route turns right towards Skenderi. Pass through the thick forest which reminds us of a “green tunnel”. After exiting the forest, continue towards Skenderi. At the y intersection 7   , in Skenderi 19 km from the starting point, turn right onto the gravel road and continue downhill towards Gradec Pokupski. Pass through the pic­turesque plains and cultivated fields. To your left, you will see the church in Lasinja in the distance. You will soon enter Špički where the gravel road ends and the paved road begins. At the 22 km mark from the starting point, you will enter the centre of Gradec Pokupski and turn left at the y intersection. In the centre of the town, there is the wooden Chapel of St. Leonard and the volunteer fire fighter’s building. At the exit from Gradec Pokupski, you will arrive at the t intersection 8 with the busy road Lijevo Sredičko – Jamnička Kiselica. Turn right and continue while riding carefully along the busy road on the Kupa River. At the bridge on the Kupa River 9 in Jamnička Kiselica, 23 km from the starting point, carefully cross the road which comes over the bridge from Lasinja towards Pisarovina and descends right along the bridge on the gravel road along the Kupa River towards Donja Kupčina. Over the next 5 km, the route con­tinues with a good gravel road. On the left hand side, pay attention to the small sandy beaches. In Japarsko Selo, continue riding left on the paved road to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Donja Kupčina where this beautiful, recreational route ends.

 Cultural-historical, ethnological and natural points of interest:

  • Local museum Donja Kupčina – in the ethno section, there are various ethnological monuments which have been collected and exhibited: houses, parts of the courtyards, water wells, traditional objects and tools. The wooden Pokupsko houses are equipped with traditional inventory and attire, which bears witness to the rural life of this area. Information in Ethnographic Museum Zagreb, Miss. Željka Petrović, tel. +385 1 4826 220 (see the blue route).
  • Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Donja Kupčina – the Parish here was established in 1560 by Bishop Juraj Drašković from Zagreb. The formerly wooden Church, along with most of the Churches in this region, was walled in 1672. It was torn down and a new Church was constructed in 1749 under the patronage of the great Erdödy from Jastrebarsko. The Church was damaged in the Patriotic War at the end of the 20th century, but has since been renovated in its entirety. Church Fiest 22 July, Holy Mass: Sun. 10 a.m.
  • Church of St. Martin, Jamnica Pisarovinska – its location at the top of the hill (viewing point) and its construction, along with the wooden Chapel, makes this the sacral pearl of this area. The patron saint of the Church, St. Martin, is evidence that this Church was erected by the Templars, the French crusade order which brought their protector to the areas that they passed through. The Gothic construction dates back to the 13th century. In approximately 1642, the Church was torn down, and the new Baroque construction was built from 1740 to 1749. The main altar from 1740 is work by artists of Bishop Branjuga’s workshop, and the side altars and confessionary are from 1759. Two side altars are from the 19th century. There is a wooden choir area with Hefer organs from the end of the 19th century in the Church. Parish office Jamnica Pisarovinska bb, tel. +385 1 6291 024, mob. 098 708 193, Church Fiest 11 November, Holy Mass: Sun. 11 a.m.
  • Wooden Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Dvoranci. See blue route.
  • Wooden Chapel of St. Leonard, Gladovec Pokupski – constructed in 1938 at the location of an earlier Chapel. The main altar has been preserved in its national historical style. Key to the Chapel by announcement: Katica Tor, Špički 43, tel. +385 1 6278 041
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