Map 9 — Blue route

Ivanić-Grad – Kloštar Ivanić – Mostari – Sovari – Križ

Preuzmite kartu

This route begins at the parking lot  1  in front of the main railway station in Ivanić-Grad. Head off down Kolodvorska St., and turn right immediately at the intersection in the direc­t­ion of Kloštar Ivanić. This is a busy road, so take caution while riding. At the 3.5 km mark of the route, turn left at the y intersection  2     . Kloštar Ivanić is a small village at the top of a hill, adorned by two impressive towers rising up from the two large churches: the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Next to these stand the Franciscan monastery and the Carmelite Sisters Convent, respectively. After passing the beautiful well in the very centre of town, continue riding uphill along Školska St. towards Öemernica Lonjska. At the intersection with the chapel-shrine, continue riding straight along Öemernička St. The route lead you on this pic­turesque road along the ridge of the hill, offering some beautiful views, particu­larly of Zagreb and Mt. Medvednica to your left. In Öemernica Lonjska, at the 7 km mark of the route, turn right at the y intersection and continue riding towards Križci. Pass through Križci. At the t intersection  3  in Bešlinec, at the 10 km mark of the route, cau­tiously turn left and continue along the road for Mostari. After the 13.8 km mark, you will come to a y intersection and continue along the main road, across the Glogovnica Chan­nel. If you go to the right, after 1.6 km you will reach turnoff  a  that leads to Stara Marča, where you can take a break at the Janković rural tourism estate, with its spacious grounds, lake and woods, or just do some sightseeing in the village and learn more about its interesting history (see green route). Be sure to visit the Eastern Rites Cath­o­lic Church of Michael the Archangel, and enjoy the stunning view of the Glogovnica River valley and its colour­ful fields from the plateau. When you continue riding along the route by returning to the main road, you will soon enter into Mostari. Next to the row of mulberry trees at the entrance to the village, you will see the old Chapel of St. Helena, erected back in 1840 and recently restored (see the green route). At the y inter­section  4  next to the chapel-shrine and volunteer firehall (DVD), turn right and continue riding in the direction of D. Lipovčani. In Donji Lipovčani at the y intersection  5  and the 20.3 km mark, turn right next to the old demolished Church of St. Petka. The fields and meadows filled with owers of different colours and smells give the region a particular charm. Pass through Marčani and enter into Sovari. At the intersection  6  with the road Ivanić-Grad – Öazma, first turn right, and then immediately left onto Slatinska St. and continue in the direction of Šuš­­njari. Be sure to take caution at the busy intersection! After the intersection, you will climb up to the ridge of the hill; enjoy the view of the surroundings and to your left the Moslavačka gora hills. Pass through the village of Šušnjari. At the 34.5 km route, riding along Zagrebačka St. enter into the centre of Križ. Take the opportunity to rest and find refreshment, and to gather strength to finish this somewhat lengthier route. In Križ, at the y intersection  7   , after the INA petrol station, turn left onto B. Radić St. and continue riding in the direction of V. Hrastilnica. Continue riding across the railroad tracks and be sure to take the necessary caution, and cross the highway by the new exit Križ – Hras­­til­nica. At point  8  , continue riding straight in the direction of V. Hrastilnica. Velika Hras­til­nica is a village in which people continue to live with the forest and live from the forest. Be they forest workers, oil workers or farmers, in some way they all use the wealth of the forest. Upon leaving the village, after the left-hand turn, you will pass by the Lugarnica V. Hrastilnica (forest lodge) and you will come onto a straight road and pass through the lovely wetland forest of Žutica. At the 42 km mark of the route, at the inter­section in the forest  9 , near the structure “Izgradnja Žutica” with the wooden sign read­ing “Petica”, the blue route continues to the right along the long, straight road towards Iva­nić-Grad. At this intersection, you can also take turnoff  b  to explore the Žutica forest and the virtually perfect network of smoothly paved roads through the wetland forest, with numerous green-yellow steel giants working in the fields. These giants, rocking powerfully and yet virtually silently both day and night, pump oil from the oil wells from 1.800 to 2.200 m under­ground. And they have been working for more than forty years. About one hundred kilo­metres of paved roads run through the Žutica forest to link the 275 oil wells. If you take turnoff  b to Lugarnica Pleso or to the Gospođica pasture, you will add an additional 4.5 to 5 km to your ride each way. The road leads you to an intersection of three roads and the wooden sign reading Crna humka, where you con­tinue straight through westwards. Before you again lies 2-3 km of straight road to the next intersection. Here, the road to the right leads to Žuti brijeg, but continue straight through towards the intersection in the forest called Babrlin. Enjoy the fantastic forest that surrounds you. At the bridge over the Lonjica River, you can feel the true atmosphere of this dense, wetland forest. After the paved road, you will come onto unpaved forest road, which also marks the entry into the best preserved and most peaceful part of Žutica. When you arrive at the Babrlin intersection, near the wooden gazebo, you can turn right for Lugarnica Pleso (another 1.9 km of riding). The second option is to turn left for the Gospo­đica pasture (another 1.1 km of riding). Some call it “gateway” to Lonjsko polje Nature Park. This is a somewhat mysterious and beautiful place on the river that is always enthralling to visit. Particularly so, since the visitor does not expect to find such beauty so deep in the forest. If you cross the river, you will see an old well (đeram) for providing water for livestock in the foggy distance. You can also see its wooden scale upon which the scoop for water hangs. Horses, cows and oftentimes pigs and wild boars can be seen grazing freely here. After exploring the wondrous beauty of the Žutica forest, return to reality on the main road for Ivanić-Grad. Before you lies about 8 km of riding along the straight road through the forest to D. Šarampov. Before D. Šarampov, you will pass the highway and continue straight along Žutička St. At the intersection  10  in Donji Šarampov, turn left onto S. Majdaka St. Notice several beautiful, old wooden houses with carvings. You will soon pass the very busy intersection, be sure to take extra caution here. Continue straight along S. Majdaka St. to the centre of Ivanić-Grad, where this route ends back at the start­ing point. We hope that this somewhat longer, though at bicycle route has succeeded in taking you through the history of this lovely, rich and diverse region. Its values are seen in the preserved sacral and traditional architecture of times gone past and through the present and future marked with “black gold”.

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