Map 9 — Brown route

D. Selo – Rugvica – Oborovo – Veleševec – L. Dubrovčak – P. Bregi – Ježevo – D. Selo

Preuzmite kartu

The route begins at the railway station in Dugo Selo  1  or at the parking lot on Sajmišna St. From M. Gupca St., turn left onto J. Predavca St. and continue riding southward along Rugvička St. At the 3 km mark of the route, you will notice the turnoff for the Ribarska Koliba restaurant and excursion area to the left. Nearby, just southeast of the brick fac­tory, you will notice two lakes that have formed in the hollows from where clay was once dug. Continue riding cautiously straight along the main road as the road is busier because of the new highway exit. After the overpass across the Ivanja Reka – Lipovac high­way, you will see the Posavska hiža restaurant on the right hand side, surrounded by the magnificent shade of large trees. At the next inter­section, at the 6 km mark, turn left towards Rugvica, now the Dugoselska St. On the left in the fertile plain near Rugvica, you will see the Institute for Seed Production of the Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Zagreb. At the y intersection  2  after the BC Institute, near the chapel of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, turn right down the secondary road towards the embank­ment. You will enter into the centre of Rugvica with its J. Predavca Square. Next to the fire station and the municipality building, turn left along the embankment. This part of the em­bankment is called Stara cesta (Old street). After the inhabited part of the embank­ment, you will reach the gravel section of the road that runs through the field. At the 10.2 km mark of the route, you will reach Novaki Oborovski. Pass by the Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk and at the 11.5 km mark, you will enter the village of Preseka Obo­rovska. Here the gravel road ends  3  and the main road begins, continue riding straight along. At the 13.8 km mark of the route  4  at the y intersection with the crucifix, after the sign marking the entry into Oborovo, turn right off the main road, S. Radića St., towards the embank­ment. At the chapel on the right hand side of the road, you will again be riding on a gravel road along the embankment. The lovely two-storey house, orna­mented with wood carvings is the Oborovo Veterinary Clinic established here by prof. Oto Kćster in 1936 (his bust is dis­played before the clinic). At the next crucifix, on the left hand side of the road, the gravel road ends and the paved road begins again, and Trebo­večka St. turns off to the left. At the 15.5 km mark of the route  5  you will reach the well maintained concrete access road to the Oborovo – Vrbovo Posavsko river raft. The raft ride lasts only a few minutes and offers you the experience to completely enjoy and relax in the peace and quiet of life on the river. If the raft operator is not at the raft, call the mobile no. Please respect the raft rules of conduct and never underestimate the river. The river raft is usually not in function during periods of high water. The raft drives daily (summer: 6 am to 10 pm, winter 7 am to 9 pm). Before getting on the raft, we recom­mend you make a short visit to Oborovo on turnoff  d   . Continue straight along the em­bank­­ment along Obo­­rovska St. and come down onto the main road, Zagrebačka St., into the centre of the idyllic and interesting village of Oborovo. An impressive monument and crypt, the work of academic sculptor Vera Dajht-Kralj and architect Ivan Glunčić from Zagreb dating back to 1958 stands in the park in the centre. The crypt is a monument to the Oborovo battle on 29 March 1944, in which about 160 soldiers (local men) were killed in a single day. If you continue riding towards the centre of Oborovo, you will pass by the cemetery on your right, while on the left the Chapel of St. Mary Dolores (Mother of God of the Seven Sorrows) stands bordered by two old plane trees. In the very centre is the spacious, single nave, Baroque (1757) parish Church of St. George and Jacob, a shop and café. After visiting Oborovo, cross over to the southern bank of the river on the raft and continue left down the road next to the Paloma bistro. Many old Posavina houses stand along the embankment. In the yards, you will see the đeram, an old well with wooden buckets on a column used to pull water up. Pass through Stružec Posavski. At the 20.3 km mark of the route, you will enter into Veleševec (for more information see Map 7 of the bicycle routes), an idyllic village next to Savišće Lake with its large parish Church of St. Peter the Apostle. This is a suitable place for a break and finding some refreshment in the bistro and Košara shop. Turn right onto the road through the village, after the fire station 6   , and pass by the water tower at the end of the village. Next up is Ruča, with its houses built from a combination of bricks and wood. In the centre of the village are the fire sta­tion and the Chapel of St. Florien (1930). Here, turn right on the main road in the direc­tion of Sisak  7     . On the left is the local cemetery and on the right is the fish pond. After the pond, on a y intersection, take a left turn along the main road. Enter into the village Suša at the 24.5 km mark of the route. Pass by the Chapel of St. Vitus, which bears the year 1760. Continue riding past the fire station, shop and bistro, in the direction of the embankment. At the crucifix next to the road, turn right, and you will come onto the embankment that offers a nice view of the river and the surrounding area. At the 27 km mark of the route, you are in Jezero Posavsko at the t intersection.  8 Turn left towards Desni Dubrovčak (road to the right leads towards Sisak). At the 30.5 km mark, you will reach the Desni Dubrovčak – Lijevi Dubrovčak river raft.  9  Experi­ence the unique, relax­ing atmosphere of the silently winding Sava River once again, in this rare and old-fashi­on­­ed way of crossing the river. The raft operator, from nearby Mar­tinska Ves, is almost always on the raft with his dog, but if he is not, call him on his mobile no. The river raft works every day (summer: 6:30 am to 8:45 pm, winter: 6:30 am to 7 pm), except in times of high water. In the centre of Lijevi Dubrovčak is the Church of St. Nicholas, built after 1789. The route continues straight along B. Radić St. After Topolje, you will cross the Sava–Lonja–Strug drainage channel. From the bridge over the channel, you can almost always enjoy a view of horses freely grazing on the green pastures on the banks of the channel. At the 35 km mark of the route, you will enter into Posavski Bregi, the village that has the largest number of pre­served traditional wooden houses and outbuildings along this route. Particularly impres­sive are the nearby Church of St. Maximilian (1815) and the old wooden fire­fighting tower, which served as a watch­tower in case of fire. The firefighting society has been operating here since 1896. At the y intersection  10  in the village, turn left from Savska St. onto Dugoselska St. Pass by the small Gipsy community on the right, and con­tinue riding through the villages of Šemovec Breški, Greda Breška and Zelina Breška, paral­lel to the highway. At the 40 km mark of the route, you will enter into Trebovec, a good spot to take a break in the café with the same name at the curve in the village centre. Here you will also see the Chapel of St. Benedict and its cemetery, and several traditional houses. 2 km from Tre­bo­vec, cross the bridge across the Zelina River and enter into Ježevo after another 1.5 km. At the 46.4 km mark of the route, you will come onto the overpass to cross the high­way. At the y intersection after the overpass     11, continue to the right. At the next inter­section  12, right across the street from the fire station in Obedišće Ježevsko, turn left from the road for Leprovica onto the gravel road towards Donja Greda. After about 1 km on the gravel, the paved road begins again at the houses. In D. Greda continue riding straight through the village and right after the curve, the road is again gravel. At the t inter­section    13, at the 48.8 km mark, turn right onto Dugoselska St. across from house no. 1 in Örnec Dugo­selski. After leaving the vil­lage, continue through the fields and enter the Šikovica Forest. After the bridge, you will again come onto a poor gra­vel part of the tour, right to the end of the forest where the paved road B. Huzanića St. begins. Here you will enter into the village Puhovo. A magnificent view of Martin Breg hill and the tower of the old Church of St. Martin will open right before you. On the south­ern entrance into Dugo Selo, you will cross the railway tracks twice. Take special caution and respect the ashing signal lights and alarms. After 54 km, you will reach the inter­section  14  with J. Zorića St. Take caution in crossing the main road and continue straight along Šaško­večka St. At the intersection of Šaškovečka and Domjanićeva Sts., turn left and continue along Dom­janićeva St. until the intersection at the 55.2 km mark of the route. Here turn left onto Osječka St. and once again cautiously cross the main road J. Zorića St. 15, and ride straight down along Kolo­dvorska St. to the route starting point. For a nice homemade meal and refreshment after the ride, we recommend you stop in at the Bunčić family klet restaurant on Martin Breg or the Dioniz restaurant in the center of Dugo Selo.

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