Map 9 — Green route

Kloštar Ivanić – Čemernica Lonjska – Donja i Gornja Obreška – Mostari – Marčani – Sobočani – Kloštar Ivanić

Preuzmite kartu

Set off from the main St. John’s Square in Kloštar Ivanić and begin the gentle climb along Školska St. to the intersection with the Chapel of St. Anne. Continue riding straight along Öemernička St. At the 3 km mark of the route  1  , turn left off the main road towards the Srndać hunting lodge. After 1.3 km of riding, you will be back on Öemernička St. Con­tinue left along the road towards D. Öemernica. Upon leaving Donja Öemernica, you will come onto a gravel road leading across the field and into the lovely Öret Varoški lug fo­rest. At the 7.8 km mark  2 , at the hunting shooting stand in the forest, turn right and continue along the forest road. After 1 km of riding, stop and take a breather at the lovely Stari hrast (Old Oak) rest stop on the left hand side of the road. The poem “Stari hrast” tells us to care for and respect nature. At the intersection  3  , the forest road to the left heads for Poljanski Lug. Our route continues straight towards D. Obreška. At the 11.2 km mark, you will leave the forest and again be on the paved road in Donja Obreška. Pass by the Chapel-shrine to St. Florien, patron saint of firefighters, erected in 1941. In the village Gornja Obreška near the Chapel-shrine to Our Lady of Loretto, you can head left downhill along Zviranečka St., to the Zviranec spring only 300 m away. The street is very picturesque with many lovely houses. At the intersection  4  at the apple orchard, you will come onto the main road, so take caution. Turn left and continue riding towards Mostari. After 1.5 km, turnoff  a  will lead you to Stara Marča with its two chapels, the Roman Catholic Chapel of All Saints and the Eastern Rites Catholic Chapel of Michael the Arch­angel. Both chapels stand on hills, and are lovely viewing points over the entire area. An Eastern rites monastery from the 16th century once stood here, but its ruins are no longer visible. The Janković rural tourism estate offers refreshment and meals (by ap­point­ment), and is a suitable resting site. If you continue straight along the road to Mostari, you will pass the Glogovnica canal and soon enter into Mostari. At the small road bump at the entrance to the village, you will see a row of mulberry trees on the left of the road, just before the Chapel of St. Helen (1840). The village Mostari has kept the tale of the mul­berry forests of about 1870. At that time, the Zagreb silk-making plant was in great need of silk cocoons. Allegedly, schoolchildren collected them and all the earnings would remain with the school. In the centre of Mos­tari  5  near the fire hall, turn right onto the road for D. Lipovčani. In Donji Lipovčani, take a half-right at the intersec­tion  6  at the ruins of the Eastern Rites Catholic Church of St. Petka, which caved in some 30 years ago due to its neglected and abandoned state. Continue riding along the road towards Marčani. You will again cross the Glogovnica canal, and at the 25 km mark, enter into Marčani. At the 27.4 km mark  7  pay attention, as before entering into Sovari, you will turn right off the main road onto the gravel road head­ing into the forest. After 200 m, you will reach a y intersection turn left downhill and pass by the ramp. At the 28.2 km mark, you will come to a t intersection in the forest  8 , here turn left and continue the ascent. At the end of the climb  9 , at the 29.7 km mark, turn right at the t intersection in the forest. The road to the left would lead you to the Kezele rural tourism estate (about 2 km). The roads through the Marča forest are well maintained, hard and peaceful to allow for the full enjoyment of the surroundings – virtually ideal for biking! Continue riding straight through along the forest road. At point 10, after a short climb, you will reach the t intersection in the forest, here turn left towards the exit from the forest. The road to the right is turnoff  c  to the village of Stara Marča. The entire circular turnoff route is 7.8 km long. The shorter left road, which takes you on a short cut through the forest is 3.1 km long and more difficult, while the right road, which takes you around on the gravel road and only partly through the forest, is 4.7 km long. For both variations of the turnoff, it would be helpful to have a GPS device and data, for the purpose of orientation through the forest. At the 32.1 km mark of the route, you will leave the forest and again be on a paved road. At the t intersection  11  near the Chapel of St. Anthony, turn right down­hill along Rebro St. and continue riding straight through. At the 33.1 km mark, you will again be on the gravel road. After 1.5 km of riding on the gravel road and after a short climb, you will come to an intersection     12, onto a paved road in Sobo­čani. Turn right towards Bešlinec. After a short downhill section, you will enter into Bešlinec and have a fantastic view of the vineyards and the church tower in Kloštar Ivanić. Turn left after the cemetery onto Vinogradska St. and ride towards Kloštar Ivanić. You are surrounded by vineyards and wine huts, and the vistas are breathtaking. After the Amadeus Pizzeria, take care in crossing the intersection at the en­trance to the centre of Kloštar Ivanić. Continue riding straight to the intersection   13  , turn left onto Školska St. and head down to the main square. Be sure not to leave Kloštar Ivanić without a light walk through the centre, a visit to the churches (appropriate cloth­ing mandatory!) or photograph their lovely exteriors.

Cultural, historical, ethnological and natural points of interest:

  • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kloštar Ivanić – the most significant sacral monu­ment of the old Ivanić history. The church and accompanying convent was built on orders of Zagreb Bishop Stjepan II Babonić, it is considered to have been built in period 1227 to 1242. The church was expanded and renovated from 1757 to 1759. It received its current appearance and was newly consecrated in 1759. The main altar was erected by Bishop Franjo Thansi in 1762, and since that time, it has been a votive church. Kloštar Ivanić parish office (for both churches), Sv. Marije 4, tel. +385 1 2831 400
  • Church and Franciscan monastery of St. John the Baptist, Kloštar Ivanić – comprises a unique, monumental architectural complex. According to the date engraved in the Renaissance arch over the main church portal, the church and monastery were built by Zagreb Bishop Luka Baretin, who completed his work in 1508. Church tower in Kloštar, pursuant to a decision from 1817, was chosen by Austria as the base point for the cadastral measurements for Croatia and Slavonia. This tower, 69 m in height, can be seem from many neighbouring points, and therefore serves as a starting point in the trigonometric network.
  • Franciscan apothecary (pharmacy), Kloštar Ivanić – tied to the Franciscan monastery and one of the oldest in this part of Croatia. There are data that this apothecary already existed in the monastery from 1670. There is a list of Franciscan apothecaries and surgeries. In 1742, the monastery apothecary received the status of a public institution serving the health care needs of the people.
  • Great Well, Kloštar Ivanić – this rural central well with interesting above-ground architecture stands in the centre of Kloštar. It was likely constructed, for the needs of the Military Border (16th to 19th ct.). The well is one of the very rare historical and architectural monuments of its kind in northern Croatia.
  • Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross, Križ – one of the best preserved medieval struc­tures in central Croatia, and a monument of the highest category. The altar of the old church was destroyed in a fire in 1714, so a new altar with valuable wooden sculptures was installed in 1720. The two side altars, consecrated to St. Rocco and St. Anthony of Padua, dating back to 1761, are of special value. The church also contains valuable gold artefacts from the 18th and 19th centuries. The centuries old park around the church was restored in 1894, according to the principles of English park architec­ture. Križ parish office, Trg sv. Križa 3, tel. +385 1 2824 747
  • Church of St. Peter the Apostle, Ivanić-Grad – Ivanić-fort’s third bishop, Ivan Bartolić, had a new church built in 1831. In 1866, the organ created by Antun Mčlzer from the Czech Republic was installed. In 1909, the interior of the church was painted by Italian painter Leonardo Marotti. It was Zagreb Archbishop Juraj Posilović, born in Ivanić-Grad, who deserves the most credit for bringing Marotti here. The painted interior was restored from 1981 to 1991. The restoration was strictly true to the original and carried out by academic painter Vladimir Pavlek, who also restored the cathedrals in *akovo and Zagreb and the Zagreb government building (Banski dvori). The Croatian Ministry of Culture has adopted a decree proclaiming the Church of St. Peter as a rarity in north­ern Croatia due to its exceptional interior, and the church is thus a protected monu­ment. Ivanić-Grad parish office, Park S. Posezija 3, tel. +385 1 2889 030
  • Chapel of St. Mary Dolores (Mother of God of the Seven Sorrows), Oborovo – the year 1735 is written over the entrance into the chapel, partially in Arabic numbers and partially in Roman numerals. In the chapel, view the stone sculpture of Mary in a red gown with a blue cape holding the baby Jesus (1703), and the priests of the rosary with St. Mary, St. Dominic in his black habit and St. Catharine of Sienna in a blue and white gown. The Baroque painting of Mary with seven swords in her heart, as she holds her dead son at the foot of the cross, is in line with the name of the chapel. The motive of seven swords originates from Flanders, and recollects the difficult moments of Mary’s life.
  • Parish Church of St. George and Jacob, Oborovo – renovated in the Baroque style in 1757. The monumental value of the church is even greater due to the well preserved wooden furnishings dating back to the mid 18th century, the marble main altar with statues of Sts. Peter and Paul, the central painting of St. George on the horse, with St. Jacob and the angels hovering overhead, and the pulpit from 1760.
  • Church of St. Peter the Apostle, Veleševec (see Map 7)
  • Church of St. Nicholas, Lijevi Dubrovčak – built after 1789 when the parish was established. The Baroque church has a preserved main altar with 3 sculptures of saints 4 angels and an altar pale with scenes of St. Nicholas, and the right side altar of the Adoration of the Magi with pale and wooden relief with crucifix (19th ct.).
  • Church of St. Maximilian, Posavski Bregi – the parish was established in 1790, and the church erected in 1815. The wall paintings date back to the time of construction. The inventory is from the 19th century, and includes the main altar with three wooden statues (Sts. Maximilian, Ciril and Methodius).

Service information:


  • Ivanić-Grad Tourist Board, Moslavačka 13, tel. +385 1 2831 361,
  • Ivanić-Grad Town Council, Moslavačka 13, tel. +385 1 2831 360,
  • Open University & Town Library, Moslavačka bb, tel. +385 1 2881 689,
  • Bicycle Club Ivanić, Kundekova 2, tel. +385 1 2888 945, mob. +385 98 288 107 (Mario Biršić, president), fax. +385 1 2896 094,
  • Health Clinic and Emergency Services, Omladinska 25, tel. +385 1 2881 493
  • Ivanić-Grad Police station, Maznica 3, tel. +385 1 2881 111
  • Ivanić-Grad railway station, Kolodvorska bb, tel. +385 1 2882 471,
  • Raft on the river Sava, Lijevi Dubrovčak–Desni Dubrovčak, raft operator Boris Sučec, tel. +385 44 716 017, +385 98 9898 297
  • Electro center Petek, Deželićeva 2, tel. +385 1 2888 482 (spare parts and tyre shop)
  • INA petrol station, Obilaznica bb, tel. +385 1 2888 775,
  • Ivanić-Grad ATM machines – Zagrebačka banka d.d., Trg V. Nazora 7; PPZ d.d., Školska 2 and Omladinska 23a; Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d., Moslavačka 1 (FINA); HPB, Moslavačka 14 (Post office); Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d., Moslavačka 11
  • Naftalan Special hospital (accommodation), Omladinska 23a, tel. +385 1 2834 555,
  • Kezele Family rural estate, Šumečani, (homemade food, wines, accommodation, events) tel. +385 1 2820 496,
  • Prenoćište restoran Ivanićanka, Trg V. Nazora, (accommodation), tel. +385 1 2888 947,
  • Town Pub and Brewery Ivanić, Savska 15, tel. +385 1 2888 840,
  • SRC Petek & Garfield restaurant, Etanska cesta bb, tel. +385 1 2883 070,

Kloštar Ivanić

  • Kloštar Ivanić Municipality & Tourist Board, tel. +385 1 2892 341, 2892 475,
  • INA petrol station, Kralja Tomislava bb, tel. +385 1 2892 230
  • Kloštar Ivanić ATM machines – Zagrebačka banka d.d., Kralja Tomislava 6; Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Trg svetog Ivana 1
  • Janković family rural estate, Stara Marča (homemade food, events), tel. +385 1 2888 656,


  • Križ Municipality & Tourist Board, tel. +385 1 2831 510,
  • Forestry Office, Kolodvorska 27, Novoselec – Križ, tel. +385 1 2897 088,
  • Educational & recreational path in Veliki Jantak forest, 3 km long, contact: Mr. Goran Bek, tel. +385 1 2820 716
  • INA petrol station, Svetog Križa bb, tel. +385 1 2824 501, closed Sun.
  • Petrol station Sirovina benz, Zagrebačka bb, tel. +385 1 2824 910, open on Sun.
  • Križ ATM machines – Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Trg svetog Križa bb

Dugo Selo and Rugvica

  • Dugo Selo Tourist Board, A. Mihanovića 1, tel. +385 1 2751 404,,
  • Dugo Selo 2001 Cycling Club, Domobranska 4, tel. +385 1 2753 868, mob.: +385 98 693 276 (Dragan Mikulić-Mika),
  • Rugvica Municipality, Trg J. Predavca 1, tel. +385 1 2764 220,
  • Dugo Selo Health Clinic, D. Domjanića 12a, tel. +385 1 2785 500, Emergency assistance: +385 1 2753 094, 2785 555
  • Dugo Selo XII police station, A. Mihanovića 2, tel. +385 1 2753 044, 2753 083 or 92
  • Dugo Selo railway station, M. Gupca 5, tel. +385 1 2753 277, timetable:
  • BELI tire repair shop, car wash, J. Predavca 26, Dugo Selo, tel. +385 1 2751 254, open 8 am to 5 pm
  • D. Selo ATM machines – Zagrebačka banka, J. Zorića 17, Kolodvorska 1, Zagrebačka 108
  • Raft on the Sava River, Oborovo – Vrbovo Posavsko, raft operator Damir Obrstar, tel. +385 1 2761 129, mob. +385 98 376 517
  • Ribarska koliba restaurant (Ciglana fish ponds), Rugvička bb, tel. +385 1 2753 393,
  • Dioniz restaurant, J. Zorića 31, Dugo Selo, tel. +385 1 2759 760,
  • Posavska hiža restaurant, Dugoselska 28, Rugvica, tel. +385 1 2760 602, Mon. to Sun. 7 am to 11 pm
  • Guest-house with rooms Ježevo, Ježevečka 3d, Rugvica, tel. +385 1 2775 688,
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