Map 9 — Light red route

Ivanić-Grad – Deanovec – Križ – Šušnjari – Šumečani – Kloštar Ivanić

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The route begins at the railway station in Ivanić-Grad. There is sufficient space in the park­ing lot if you come by car, while Zagreb and Ivanić-Grad are well connected by inter­city train. The Lonja Express on the route Dugo Selo – Novska had already reached Iva­nić-Grad in 1899. The route sets off along Kolodvorska St. Immediately at the inter­section, turn left onto Savska St. and cautiously cross the railway tracks. To your left is the Bus Station, and several cafés and shops. Cautiously ride through the center of Ivanić-Grad and pass straight through the intersection with K. Tomislava St. and continue along Sav­ska St. To your left is the Ivanić Town Pub and Brewery, which we warmly recom­mend. After the lovely old house with its Toto café and Manaus Club chocolate shop, turn left onto S. Majdaka St. and continue riding straight. Be careful while crossing the street at the intersection with the heavily travelled road Ivanić-Grad – Öazma. Continue straight along S. Majdaka St. The route now leaves the busy and noisy centre of town, and leads you to the smaller villages surrounding Ivanić-Grad on a road filled with fantastic, tradi­ti­onal wooden houses with engravings. At the intersection  1  of S. Majdaka and Žutička St., next to the chapel, turn left and continue on S. Majdaka St. across the small bridge. At the 3.7 km mark of the route, you will come onto a gravel road. At the 4.5 km mark, the route crosses the railway tracks, so take caution. At the 5.2 km mark, near house num­bers 46 and 48, the route will continue straight along the paved road T. Ludvaića St. At the 6 km mark of the route, at house number 42, turn right at the intersection  2    . At the 6.4 km mark, at the intersection at the wooden house bearing the number 28 on your left, turn right. You will pass by a poultry farm and enter into Derežani. At the 7.2 km mark, near the white house on the left, continue riding straight along the paved road (the gravel road continues to the right). At the 7.7 km mark  3, turn to the right quite sud­denly near house number 41 on the right hand side of the road. Cross the railway track leading from the railway fuel pumping station in Graberje to Deanovec, and continue riding straight along the road through the lovely row of trees along J. Cobovića St., with wooden houses on both sides of the street. At the 8.8 km mark, the road to the right leads towards the Deanovec railway station, while our route con­tinues to the left towards the centre of Deanovec. Take caution as you are now entering J. Badalića St. that leads to Širinec and Križ. You are now at the intersection with the crucifix and monu­ment to Josip Badalić, Slavicist, writer, university professor, interpreter and director of drama at the Croatian National Theatre, born in Deanovec in 1888. On the left side of the intersection, you will see the Deanovec radio tower. This is the oldest tower of the Cro­atian Radio-Television transmission and broadcasting unit, in operation since 1949. For many years, it was the most important tower as it was the first radio medium wave trans­mit­ter, and it continues to function as one of the most significant radio transmitters. In this part of the route leading through Dea­no­vec, enjoy the view of the well maintained or restored wooden, two-storey, traditional houses called čardaci, on both sides of the road (house numbers 18 and 22, and no. 54 across from the fire station are particularly lovely). At the 11.2 km mark you will enter into Širinec. At the intersection near the bus station and the small white crucifix in Širinec, continue left along the main road. At the 14 km mark, you will reach the centre of Križ. Take a short break and look around the town. The centre of the town is dominated by the Church of the Holy Cross, surrounded by park. The route continues downhill along the windy M. Trnina St. On the left is the Križ Tourist Board info centre & souvenir shop. At the 15 km mark, you will reach the busy inter­section with the bypass road around Križ, heading towards Novoselec and Popovača, so take extra care. On the left of the intersection is a petrol station with a small café. At the 16.1 km mark of the route, turn left at the intersection with the sign for Konšćani  4  onto Grani­čarska St. In the centre of Konšćani  5  at the 18 km mark of the route, at the crucifix, con­tinue to the left alongside the fire station. Ride along the row of houses with a view of the field to your right. At the 18.5 km mark, you will reach the gravel section of the route that passes through the field. You will enter into Donji Prnja­rovec. The hunting lodge and firing range is on your left. At the y intersection, at the 19.6 km mark of the route next to the bus station, continue riding straight along the paved road. About 50 metres further, continue next to the Lura milk collection station, riding straight along the road. At the 20.1 km mark, after leaving Prnjarovec, you will again come onto a gravel road through the forest and the fields, with many small oil drills, working to pump oil from wells up to 600 m deep. At the 21.5 km mark, at the intersection in Šušnjari  6 , turn left onto the paved road. After 150 m, in the middle of the village, you will come to an intersection with a crucifix. Continue straight through. A well known moto­cross track called Dundin brijeg is on the hill in Šušnjari. At the 23 km mark, after a small climb, you will reach an intersection that you will ride straight through. At the 24.4 km mark, turn right in the direction of Šumečani at the intersection  7  of I. Vešli­gaja and Staklena Sts., while the road to the left leads towards Bunjani. Pass by the local football field. Staklena St. will lead you into Šumečani and the area of Ivanić-Grad. At the 26.5 km mark of the route, at the intersection with the main road  8 , be cautious in crossing the road due to the poor visibility from the curve. At the Chapel to St. Joseph, turn right uphill along the gravel Trijemski brijeg St. to the Kezele rural tourism farm. At the end of the uphill section, turn left onto the road to the entrance to the Kezele family farm, an ideal spot to take a break and try some homestyle meals and experience their warm hospitality. The route continues northwest along the gravel road through the Marča forest, first down­hill, then gently uphill. At the intersection, you will see the sign for Trijemski brijeg on your left, while the route continues straight through the vineyards over­looking three wine huts. After about 500 m, you will come to an inter­section in the forest  9 , where you will turn right past the ramp and continue through the forest. At the next intersection, you will see the junction with the green route from Sovari, continue riding straight through the forest. At the 29.5 km mark of the route, after a short uphill climb, you will come to a t intersection  10  with the main forest road, where you will turn left towards the exit from the Marča forest. To the right of the intersection is turnoff  c  which leads you to the interesting village of Stara Marča and the Janković rural tourism complex with lake (see the green biking route). Poorly marked forest road is only for those with GPS navigation datas. If you continue to the left on the route from the intersection, after about 1.5 km of riding through the forest you will leave the forest at the ramp at Grabersko Brdo. You will come onto the paved road and continue straight to the intersection  11  with the Chapel of St. Anthony. Here turn right downhill onto Rebro Street. At the end of the down­hill section, you will ride along the lovely row of evergreen trees on the right hand side of the road. At the 32.3 km mark of the route, you will again come onto the gravel section of the road, continue riding straight. After the village, you will again enter into the forest. At the intersection in the forest, continue straight and ride downhill to the intersection where you will see another ramp on the right hand side of the route. The route turns left and leads you uphill on the gravel to the paved road above Sobočani at the 33.8 km mark of the route and the intersection  12   . Take caution while coming onto the road. Turn right at the small football field. Your reward follows, a long but gentle downhill section all the way to Bešlinec. Passing through the village, you will again see many lovely vineyards and the bell tower of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Kloštar Ivanić to your left. At the intersection at the cemetery with the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity (1924), continue to the left along Vinogradska St. After the Amadeus pizzeria, at the intersection of Vinogradska and Križevačka Sts. at the 37.5 km mark of the route, cautiously cross the busy street and continue riding straight along. At the next intersection  13  near the Chapel of St. Anne, turn left down Školska St. to the centre of Kloštar Ivanić and Sv. Ivan (St. John) Square, with its beautifully restored well. Pass by the old Franciscan apothecary (pharmacy), the magnificent monastery of the Church of St. John the Baptist, which today houses the convent of the Carmelite Sisters. At the Rošo Buffet, turn left onto Sv. Marije St. Pass by the lovely Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with its Franciscan monastery. This is one of the largest shrines to Mary (feast day 15 August on the Feast of the Assumption) and pilgrim­age centres of northwestern Croatia. The church has a magnificent interior and includes the Treasury and Painting Gallery of the Franciscan monastery and the Kloštar Ivanić parish, which were opened on 15 June 1994. The main road from Kloštar Ivanić to Ivanić-Grad, 3 km in length, is very busy, so take care. At the 40 km mark, Etanska St. to the left leads to the Petek Sports and Recreation Centre with the Garfield Restaurant, a recom­men­ded spot for rest and refreshment. On the right you will pass by one of the three ceme­teries in Ivanić-Grad, and just before entering into the very centre of Ivanić-Grad, you will cross the Žeravinec Stream. The route ends back at the Ivanić-Grad railway station.

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