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Ivanić-Grad lies on the left bank of the Lonja, in Moslavina region, at 103 m above sea level, along the state highway Zagreb – Lipovac, regional road and railway line Zagreb – Vinkovci. Economy of the region is based on the production of oil and natural gas, processing of plastics, chemical and graphic industries, production of paper packaging, land cultivation and cattle breeding. Medium and small sized businesses provide services in civil engineering, tourism, hospitality industry and trade.


The name Ivanić-Grad first appears in the 13th century records or more precisely from the year 1246. Naturally, people lived there in earlier times, too but the prehistoric period and the period of first historic records has not been researched enough. Some accidental finds point to the existence of settlement in ancient Roman times. During the ancient Roman Empire major Roman Pannonian roads passed near Ivanić.

Cultural heritage and tradition

People from the past centuries left rich historic and cultural heritage for future generations, monuments worth seeing. Among these one must certainly mention the church of St. Peter completed in 1831 in the late Baroque style. At the end of the 19th century a park in the style of English landscape architecture was created around the church. A monument marking a thousand years of the Croatian kingdom was placed in front of the Church entrance in 1925.

Another important monument is the City Hall with town arms above the entrance that has been standing there since 1889. One of the earliest voluntary fire brigades was established in Ivanić in 1892. Đuro Deželić, founder of the Croatian fire fighting was born in this town. There are two elementary and one secondary school in Ivanić, as well as an University Extension. Diverse Cultural Clubs attract many talented people who can join: Cultural Club “Posavac”, Cultural Clubs in Posavski Bregi and Dubrovčak Lijevi – Topolje, Wind Orchestra, Milka Trnina Vocal Choir, Male and Female Chamber Choir, Amateur Theatre “Janus” and Ivanić majorettes.

Active are also many sports clubs and associations. Long tradition and good results have been achieved in football, handball, cycling, basketball, rifle shooting and karate.

Cultural, entertainment and sporting events in Ivanić-Grad are: Ivanić Carnival in February, Basariček Education Day in April, followed by 8th June when Ivanić-Grad Day is observed, then the cycle race in August called Stjepan Grgac Memorial, finishing the year with Christmas season when many other events are organised.

In the town centre you can see a movie in a modern movie theatre, or go see a performance in the Community Centre staged on a weekly or monthly basis. Ivanić has a sports hall, football field, handball court, tennis court and an automatic four-lane bowling alley. All of these are situated in the vicinity of a health resort “Naftalan”.

Više informacija

TZG Ivanić-Grada
Moslavačka 11
10310 Ivanić-Grad,
Tel./Fax +385 1 2881 591
info@tzig.hr, www.tzig.hr
POU Ivanić-Grad
Tel. +385 1 2881 688

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