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Health Resort “Naftalan”


Health Resort “Naftalan”

Unique value of natural riches of Ivanić-Grad and its environs takes us back to prehistoric times when this region was the bed of the Pannonian Sea. The Pannonian Sea heritage includes a special type of medicinal petroleum, only the second such find in the world and the only in Europe. Curiosity is also iodine, fluorine, and sodium chloride thermal water that has the temperature of 65 C and is found at 1300 m under the ground. Represents an important natural medicinal agent.

Medicinal properties of these two agents made it possible for Ivanić-Grad authorities to build a modern health resort, unique in Europe and the world, where skin diseases are successfully treated including psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, eczema and other. Successful is also treatment of rheumatic diseases as well as medical rehabilitation.

Health Resort “Naftalan” in Ivanić-Grad today functions as hospital specialised for medical rehabilitation, and has 111 beds in well-equipped and furnished single, double and three-bed rooms. Physical therapy has a very modern approach and includes electrotherapy, kinesitherapy, massage, hydrotherapy with underwater massage and the pool with a rapid thermal mineral water.

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