Ivanić-Grad Ivanić-Grad Od "Bučijade" do lana

Standing in defence of Croatia

When Zagreb Diocese was established in 1094 and maybe even earlier the area of today’s Ivanić was a part of Dubrava parish which had its administrative seat in Dubrava. Later the bishops of Zagreb decided to make Ivanić a new administrative and economic seat of the region. The parish of Ivanić was first mentioned in the 1288 records.

Gradually the citizens of Ivanić-Grad, craftsmen, merchants and free peasants managed to secure privileges and freedoms which distinguished their settlement from other settlements in the parish. The 1404 charter conferred on the settlement by the bishop of Zagreb Eberhard Alben confirmed all the privileges they had already had and this is without doubt the most important document in the history of Ivanić-Grad. A year later the rights and privileges of Ivanić-Grad were supported and widened by a royal deed issued by Sigismund. Imperial and military rule of captains and generals from the Krajina region replaced supreme rule of the bishops of Zagreb. It becomes a free military municipality in 1767. When the emperor Francis Joseph I. abolished the Varaždin krajina on 8th June 1871 Ivanić became independent town municipality and was officially awarded the status of a town. This historic event is today celebrated as Ivanić-Grad Day.

At the time of Turkish attacks in the 16th century Ivanić-Grad was one of the most important lines of defence. In the year 1552 along with Križevci, Koprivnica and Sisak it remained Zagreb’s last line of defence. The old fortress with very few men couldn’t sustain the burden of defence. Ivanić was to be given a new fortress built by an Italian constructor Domenico de Lalio, the same constructor who fortified Sisak. The biggest battle fought in this region with the Turks was in 1586. The Turks were completely defeated and Ivanić Grad with its fortress remained at defence of Croatia until the end of the century.

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