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The Jastrebarsko area stretches southwest of Zagreb over 630 square kilometres. The town of Jastrebarsko and the surrounding municipalities of Klinča Sela, Pisarovina, Krašić and Žumberak are home to about 32,000 residents. This area is made up of three vary specific natural entities. To the north is the limestone and dolomite mountain range called Žumberačka gora, which is bounded by the fertile, wine-growing area of Prigorje to its southeast, all the way to the meandering Kupa River and the Pokuplje area, home to the Crna Mlaka ornithological reserve. The Jastrebarsko area is tied to the neighbouring Samobor area by roads leading through Plešivica, and from Kostanjevec via Žumberak. The Velika Gorica area lies to the southeast.

The town of Jastrebarsko, popularly called Jaska, is situated 30 kilometres southwest of Zagreb, on the slopes of Plešivica, at an altitude of 154 metres. The town has a population of 5400 and lies on the Zagreb-Karlovac motorway, on the regional road network and along the railway line. Its economy is based primarily on agriculture, wine-growing and wine-making, fishing, timber and, of course, tourism. Jastrebarsko and its surrounding areas are a favourite excursion destination, attracting visitors with its beautiful landscapes, nature reserves, cultural and historical monuments, the renowned wines by Jaska wineries and culinary specialties.


Jastrebarsko was first mentioned in 1249. In the records of the Podgora County, it is listed as the centre of the court and trade. Already in 1257, the town received special status from King Bela IV and the status of a free royal trading town. In the 15th century, Ban Matija Gereb built a castle with city gates in Jastrebarsko and in 1520, under King Ivanus, the town received its present day appearance. From then to 1922, the castle was under the possession of the Erdödy counts. The castle has two rounded towers at the corners, and an internal courtyard with an arcade. An old town park, proclaimed a horticultural monument, surrounds the castle.

The Baroque parish Church of St. Nicholas, patron saint of Jastrebarsko, dates back to the second half of the 18th century and houses the tombstone of Ban Petar Erdödy (died in 1567). It was restored in 1922. The early Baroque monastery, originally Franciscan and later belonged to the Cistercian nuns, is well worth a visit. The monastery stands next to the Church of St. Mary, whose facade is ornamented with a series of niches and the bell tower from 1732.

Be sure to visit the Jastrebarsko Town Museum and the Town Gallery at 2 Vladka Mačeka St.

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