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Japetić and Plešivica



Japetić in the background

With its 879 m Japetić is the highest peak of Samoborska gora mountain range. Due to its natural beauties it has been turned into a reserve of forest vegetation. Especially interesting is an old beech forest that used to cover this area but today takes up only some 29 hectares. When you reach the top you can enjoy the view from a 12 m viewing platform. You can see all of the Samobor hills region from there. Another breathtaking view of Prigorje, Žumberak, Pokuplje, Klek and weather permitting even the Alps, is that from the hunting lodge on Žitnica. This lodge is open all year round and is also famous for excellent food.



Picking grapes on Plešivica

Seven kilometres from Jaska lies Plešivica that is primarily famous for its wine-growers and wine-merchants. Wine-selling has a long tradition here, and the main features of landscape vineyards, and sunny slopes combined with the knowledge and experience of wine-growers and wine-merchants guarantee high quality wine. Wine cellars of Plešivica offer many different sorts of wine: Riesling, Rhenish Riesling, white pinot, Chardonnay and other, while the new wine called Portuguese becomes more and more popular. It comes as no surprise that Plešivica is known for its wine festivities, rural and weekend tourism. It offers many other things, too. Excursion area “Vidikovac” is known for home-cooked meals, and we are sure that you won’t leave the hunting lodge on Poljanica disappointed. More persistent holiday makers and mountain climbers will probably want to reach the top of Plešivica (779 m) where the first viewing platform was built over a century ago in 1881. You’ll be rewarded with a delightful view of scattered villages and vineyards. Special treat awaits the courageous ones – paragliding.


Excursion area Mladina

Excursion area Mladina is known for its wines and old, attractive wine cellar of the Counts of Erdödy offering top quality wines like Rheinish Riesling, white pinot, Riesling and other. This is also where a demanding but attractive moto-cross track is.

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