Krašić Krašić Vjerski turizam - "Dolina kardinala"



Castle in Pribić, Krašić

Three kilometres east of Krašić is Pribić, the place were Cardinal Franjo Kuharić was born. The parish church of St. Sixtus built over one thousand years ago is the oldest and the most valuable in this part. In Strmec Pribićki (3 km northwest of Pribić) is a Baroque castle of Eastern-Rite bishops with a Neo-Byzantine church of St. Mary built on an island in the middle of fishpond in front of the castle. Pilgrimage chapel of Mother Mary of Dol (4 km north of Krašić) was built by the count Petar Zrinski. The chapel was annexed and reconstructed in mid 18th century and its interior adorned with paintings depicting village life.

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