Hunting, Fishing and Excursions

In this gentle region you’ll be able to relax and fully enjoy your long walks, bike rides or hunting. If you visit the forest Žutica you might be able to see some beavers who were reintroduced to this region on April 20, 1996 when two beavers were brought in from Germany. The beavers have adapted to life in the new environment quite successfully, they have chosen their favourite spots and have built dams there. Today their numbers are high, what was originally the intention.

Quite attractive is angling on the Česma, Lonja and the lakes. In Križ you can visit the Sports Park where you can play hand-ball, football, basketball or tennis. Tennis courts are also available in Kovačko polje Novoselec, while on Dundin hill in Šušnjari you’ll find a moto-cross track.

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