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Donja Kupčina and hunting

Donja Kupčina

A large village called Donja Kupčina lies about thirty kilometres to the south of Zagreb, amidst the ploughland, meadows and woods of the Kupa Valley and near the confluence of the Kupčina and the Kupa. The people in this village are very keen to preserve their culture and heritage: they have created an open-air museum, or ethnological park, to exhibit the ethnological traditions of Donja Kupčina. This park displays houses, buildings from village farmyards, wells, workshops and other examples of masonry and popular crafts. All these buildings are furnished with traditional furniture, textiles and other exhibits to show the past way of life in these villages. The museum is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The parish of Donja Kupčina was established in 1560 by Juraj Drašković, a bishop from Zagreb. The parish church of St Mary Magdalene was originally built of wood in 1672. It was demolished and a new church was built here in 1749, under the patronage of the Erdoedy family from Jastrebarsko. Unfortunately, most of the figures that adorned the several altars in this church were lost in the early 20th century and only a small portable wooden pulpit remains from 1762. This pulpit was designed for sermons to large congregations at important church festivals. Its style is extremely simple, with portraits of the evangelists and a cornice of intersecting laurel wreaths around the narrow side boards of the parapet, which has been broken many times.

Traditional festivities known as “Kupske Večeri” still take place in July and August near the mineral water plant. These are popular fairs with sport events.


The woods in our region are a hunter’s paradise. Hunters can try for deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant, quail and other game. Hunting is organised for groups or individual hunters through certified license-holders.

An interesting zoological collection of typical local species is on display at the museum in Donja Kupčina.

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