Pokupsko Pokupsko A place of safe future


Chapel of St. Jurja in Štefankim is a chapel with the most prominent traditional church architecture from the beginning of the 18th century

Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Lukinić hill, 1909

Chapel of St. It was built at Auguštanovac, built in 1926.

Chapel of St. Three Kings in Roženica and two chapels in Roženica I. built by the inhabitants there to commemorate the personal revelation of the members of the Markuz family (apparition of BDM in 1951), which are the chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (coming from believers from Velika Gorica and its surroundings) and of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus (privately owned).

Wooden bell tower in Lijevi Štefanki

Chapel of St. Trinity in Gladovec Pokupski.

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