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The parish church of The Blessed Child Morning

The church was dedicated to St. Ladislaus whose statue was at the center of the main altar, but was later dedicated to the Mother of God, while Ladislav remained a Constantine. The construction of the church, under the leadership of Bishop Juraj Branjuga, began in 1736, and was completed in 1739. The building has a blacksmith’s four-lance boat dotted with a dome vault. The architecture of the church is important because it is the first central quadrilateral baroque church not only in Croatia but also in Styria. It is a pattern of churches of the same type. Surrounded by a four-corner tower fan. The Church and the Chetnik were severely affected by the Homeland War, but since then everything has been restored.

The main altar is the work of the Zagreb Bishop Branjug from about 1740 and is a valuable baroque work. The side altar of St. The cross, from the same workshop as the main one, is special because the wall paintings behind the altar showcase a deep landscape outside the Jerusalem wall in the scene of the crucifix, an integral part of the altar. And the rest of the church equipment are baroque works of high quality. In the church, for a time as a scorpionist served the upside-down and adapted antique stele from the 2nd or 3rd century

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