Pokupsko Pokupsko A place of safe future

Sport Activities

Kupski plov, an attraction that takes place traditionally from the spring to the mouth of the Kupa under the organization of the Kupa rijeka života and the Kajak canoe of the Pokupsko club. It gathers a large number of kayakers and all the lovers of nature from the place in the Kupa Dock. At the foot of the kayaks and canoes passes the Cup so that you can meet the cultural and gastronomic offer of the place through which it passes. An exchange of experiences and good fun are the details that attract more and more enthusiasts and adventurers every year.

Stari Grad sports center in Pokupsko, swimsuit place on a contemporary beach perfect for all ages. Stari Grad is also a good place to go for mini-tournaments, volleyball and basketball, and it must be emphasized that the Old Town is the place where parties are organized and there is a chance to have fun.

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