Samobor Samobor Grad karnevala i kremšnita

Cradle of rock-climbing


Žumberačka gora mountain range

A Special identification mark of Samobor and its environs are certainly the fascinating Samobor mountains. The hills are a part of Žumberačka gora mountain range that includes Plešivica (780 m), Japetić (880 m) and Oštrc (753 m). Karst (Sink-holes), caves, precipices, and rich vegetation, especially on meadows, and in forests. Lavish flora also includes many rare species like: alpine insectivore, gentian and holly. It is a favourite excursion destination of many residents of Samobor, Jaska and Zagreb. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Samobor is the cradle of Croatian rock-climbing. An excursion to Oštrc and Plešivica that was organised on 17th May 1875 is marked as the first organised rock-climbing trip. There are many well marked hiking trails and good climbers’ chalets around Samobor. Around Oštrc, which is the central part of the Samobor range, you’ll find three chalets: on Oštrc, Veliki dol and Šoić house in Lipovac. Cluster of Japetić is the highest western part of the Samobor range, there is also a chalet on Žitnica, St. Bernard under Veliki Lovnik, pyramid on top of Japetić. Plešivica is the eastern part of the range, and you’ll find the chalets Srndać on Poljanice, one under Okić and a pyramid on top of Plešivica.

  • HPD “Japetić”
  • Starogradska 15, PP 31
  • 10430 Samobor
  • e-mail:
  • Climber’s chalets

All chalets are well supplied and offer a big choice of different food and drinks. The climbers who have paid current membership dues enjoy special accomodation benefices. Even though the chalets are open at designated days special arrangements can be made with the ranger. Full board can be secured for organised groups of visitors. For information about rock-climbing on the Samobor hills call: Z. Kristijan, phone: ++ 385 1 3362-886 (after 4 p.m.) or V. Novak at ++ 385 1 3361-736.

Hunters will also be able to enjoy the richness of Žumberak and Samobor ranges, and anglers that of the Gradna, Slapnica and Bregana. Samobor and its environs also offer other possibilities for relaxation, sport and recreation. These include tennis courts and a swimming pool in Vugrinščak, tourist and recreation centre Šmidhen with warm sulphur springs, then extremely attractive excursion area ‘Eco village’ in Kalj in Kravljak street where visitors can see domestic animals, enjoy horse-back riding or rock-climbing. We mustn’t forget to mention the bio-park ‘Divlje vode’ in Gabrovci, offering beautiful grounds for pleasant walk through the park, picnic area etc.

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