Sveti Ivan Zelina Sveti Ivan Zelina Knights of Zelingrad

Komin and Bedenica



Baroque church of the Three Holy Kings, Komin

Six kilometres north of Zelina Komin has already been mentioned in this text as a probable Roman Pyrri. In Komin worth seeing is the pilgrimage Baroque church of the Three Holy Kings perched on top of a hill overlooking the village. The ceiling features paintings done in an Illusionist manner. The central altar made in bishop Branjung’s workshop in 1728, and the pulpit from 1748, are richly decorated with gilt statues and a votive altar from 1710 with decorations in stucco.


In Bedenica, only 10 km northeast of Sveti Ivan Zelina, you’ll be able to see the parish church of All Saints probably from the 13th century. It was built on a strategically located hill, it has a steeple over façade, thick walls resembling those of a fortress, Gothic ceiling and a round opening behind the central altar done in Romanesque style. Judging by the thick walls it can be concluded that people hid themselves in the church during the Turkish attacks. The year 1811 was recorded as the year when the church was repaired and restored.

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