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The gentle Vrbovec landscape

The Vrbovec landscape is lovely, with many rolling hills. The Kalnik area to the north and northwest gradually flattens out to the south and southeast towards the plains and the valleys of the Lonja, Glogovnica and Cesma Rivers. The Vrbovec area, covering 520 square kilometres, includes the town of Vrbovec and the municipalities of Dubrava, Farkaševac, Gradec, Preseka and Rakovec with their accompanying settlements. The total population is about 30,000.

The main natural resources are the agricultural lands, stretching out over more than 33,000 hectares (and more than 20,000 hectares of plough fields), and forests covering more than 15,000 hectares. The main economic activities are agriculture and the food industry, with a focus on dairy and meat production. Manufacturing and service trades and commerce are well developed. Tourism and rural tourism are becoming increasingly important. There are good traffic links westwards to the Dugo Selo and Zelina areas, and eastwards towards Bjelovar and Križevci.

The tow of Vrbovec lies on the state roads Zagreb – Vrbovec – Bjelovar and Vrbovec – Križevci – Koprivnica, and the railway line Zagreb – Dugo Selo – Koprivnica – Budapest. The town itself has a population of about 5000. Vrbovec is the economic, commercial and administrative centre of the area. Other settlements are primarily rural in character, with a large share of the population involved in agriculture.

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