Vrbovec Vrbovec What Our Forefathers Ate


Vrbovec is a very old settlement. The first written trace of its existence dates back to 1244. It is the document issued by King Bela IV. confirming that the King Koloman gave Vrbovec to the district-prefect Junko as a gift. In 1398 Vrbovec becomes part of the Rakovec manorial estate and stays as such until 1848 when serfdom was abolished. In its turbulent past the Vrbovec – Rakovec manorial estate changed many feudal lords. The golden period for Vrbovec was the 18th century. That is when the district court and administration authorities were established, along with elementary school. Around the year 1800 Vrbovec got its post office and in 1870 a railway.


The round tower of the Vrbovec Castle where Petar Zrinski was born

The Vrbovec Castle was first mentioned in 1528, and was built to protect against the Turks. Later on it comes into possession of the Zrinski, Erdödy, Patačić and other families. In 1621 Petar Zrinski was born there. Only the round tower has remained today. The parish church of St. Vitus mentioned as early as 1338 was reconstructed in the baroque style with a steeple next to the shrine and porch adjacent to the main facade. Inside the church there are baroque altars, big wooden crucifix, chalice from 1722, monstrance and reliquary. The bells were cast by the famous masters Schifrer from Zagreb (1803) and Papst from Varaždin (1846).

The rectory built in 1818 is especially beautiful. On the graveyard there is a baroque chapel of the Three Holy Kings, and the family de Piennes mausoleum with the remains of benefactor marquis Eugene de Piennes. Mausoleum was built of Swedish granite, and is the work of H. Ehrlich and V. Kovačić. Today it is a zero cathegory monument.

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