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Lovrečina grad


Castle Lovrečina grad

In the immediate vicinity of Vrbovec there are many cultural and historic monuments worth seeing. Lovrečina grad is a castle only 4 km away from Vrbovec along the road to Križevci. In Middle Ages it was a fortress surrounded by a ditch. Written documents first mention it in 1540. In the 16th c. it was held by the Gregorians and later changed many proprietors. The castle has a U shape with two cylindrical angle towers. It was reconstructed in the mid 19th c. in historicism style. Today it is the home of the Sisters of Mercy.


Gothic parish church of St Margaret, Dubrava, Vrbovec

In Lovrečka Varoš, a settlement 5 km north of Vrbovec, a single nave church of St Lawrence featuring late baroque elements can be seen. The Baroque style pulpit in the shape of ‘Jonah’s fish’ is extremely interesting because such motif is rather unusual in Croatian churches. Dubrava, 12 km southeast of Vrbovec, in the Middle Ages used to be a fortified bishop’s town, with 9 towers and a wide ditch around it. This is where Ivan Zapolja was proclaimed in 1527 a Croatian king. All fortifications were destroyed by the Turks in 1552. You should also see the late Gothic parish church of St Margaret with a steeple on the side. The church was reconstructed in the Baroque style in the 18th century. It was probably first built in 1269, but the Turks burnt it down with the rest of the village in 1552. When the whole village was rebuilt between 1595 and 1606 the church was rebuilt, too. In Gradec, 6 km northeast of Vrbovec there is a late Baroque parish church of the Wounded Christ (around 1780). In Pogančec, 9 km northwest of Vrbovec you’ll see the church of St Mary of Laureto that was probably completed in 1790 – judgeing from the year inscribed on the door. In the village of Pogančec, Preseka municipality, the chapel was built in 1758 and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a valuable cultural monument and as such under the protection of Regional Institute of Ancient Monuments from Zagreb.

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