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Manorial estate Rakovec

Manorial estate Rakovec

Written traces relating to the history of one-time prominent manorial estate Rakovec go back to the beginnings of the 13th century. In 1204 the King Emerick gives the Rakovec estate to the Vice-Roy Martin. In 1244 a certain Vogenislav is mentioned as the Rakovec headman, and he is probably the great-grandfather of the Rakovec noblemen later called the Pučići. They held Rakovec for the next 200 years when the estate changed owners. The Zrinski family came into possession in 1531, and held it for 160 years. It then came into possession of the Patačić family. During Turkish attacks in 1532 Rakovec remained the only unconquered place in the neighbourhood. In memory of that day 15th May has been proclaimed the Day of Rakovec Municipality.

Today Rakovec is the region that yields highest results in the production of wheat and corn, and milk. It is important to mention highly preserved environment.

Sacral and cultural heritage

Medieval illustrations show that next to the fortress of Rakovec stood two churches. One of these is the already mentioned parish church of St George, and the other the chapel of St. Anna.

On the feast of St George, patron saint of the parish, the Rakovec Days of Culture have been held since 1989. St George’s bonfire is made and all those who love music, song and dance gather there. Croatian Catholic Society of Singers “St. George” has been active for 9 years, and through its four groups – choir, tamburica band, theatrical group and dance group – it gives its considerable contribution to the success of this manifestation.

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