Vrbovec Vrbovec What Our Forefathers Ate

Tennis, hunting, angling

Those who enjoy sports can play tennis at tennis courts situated at fair grounds, or visit a semi-automatic shooting range situated 4 km from Vrbovec along the road Vrbovec-Bjelovar. Anglers will love this region as there are several lakes where fishing is permitted. There are two artificial lakes near Vrbovec. One is the seat of an Angling club “Amur” and is situated along the Zagreb-Bjelovar road and the other is lake Črnec on Vrbovec-Bjelovar road. There are good road signs that’ll safely guide you to both lakes. Lake “Fuka” in Gradec municipality is situated near the Cugovec-Dubrava road. In Dubrava municipality, in Kostanje only 5 km away from Dubrava toward Čazma, fishing is permitted at fishponds i.e. their lateral channels.

In the village of Kabal, Farkaševac municipality, you’ll find hunting lodge ČESMA that has eight apartments and a restaurant. You can call them at ++ 385 1 27 27 027, or ++ 385 1 48 49 166. This hunting ground takes up the area of 4500 hectares and at some 500 hectares game is bred including fallow deer and wild boar. You can drive around in a traditional horse-carriage, or go horse-back riding, to photo-safari. There is also a fishpond of some 18 hectares.

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TZG Vrbovca
Trg Petra Zrinskog 1
10340 Vrbovec,
Tel./Fax +385 1 2791 661
tzvrbovec@tzzz.hr, www.tz-vrbovec.hr
POU Vrbovec
Tel. +385 1 2791 115

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