Renovation of the old school building and cultural-tourist revitalization through the ITU mechanism – ECOMUSEUM BISTRA

21. 05. 2021.

On 15th February 2021, a Grant Agreement was signed as part of the Call for Proposals in the procedure of direct grant award for the strategic project “Renovation of the old school building and cultural and tourist revitalization through the ITU mechanism – ECOMUZEJ BISTRA”, reference code: BC . 

“The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund through the mechanism of Integrated Territorial Investments in the area of the Zagreb Urban Agglomeration.”

The grant beneficiary (project applicant):

Project partners:

Total project value: HRK 11,979,148.74

Total grant awarded: HRK 10,110,430.40

Project duration: September 1, 2020 to September 1, 2023

The aim of the project is the renovation and reconstruction of the old school building in Poljanica Bistranska and its conversion into a modern and well-equipped cultural and tourist center. The building of the old school in Poljanica Bistranska is an individually protected cultural property, entered in the Register of Cultural Heritage under number Z-6513. It was built in 1877/78. and is one of the few preserved school buildings from that period in the Zagreb County, which has largely retained recognizable features, including floor plan, structural elements, exterior design, as well as parts of the interior, and in addition to architectural, has a great cultural and historical value.

Due to its values, the building was chosen as the seat of the future communication and heritage center of the Bistra region. When planning and designing the revitalization of the old school building in Poljanica Bistranska, all aspects of sustainability were considered with special attention: social, economic and environmental aspects. With the implementation of the project, a tourist information center with a souvenir shop and communication spaces for visitors will be established on the ground floor of the building. An exhibition of Bistra’s art photographs and works of art by Bistra artists with motifs from the Bistra region will be set up on the first floor, and the other four rooms on the first floor will have a permanent museum multimedia and interactive exhibition Bistra 1209 in accordance with the museological concept the buildings will be equipped with office space, HUB (workshops, chat rooms) and an information and documentation department in which documentation and sources important for local history will be stored. In designing the museum exhibition, the “green model” will be applied in the elaboration of museological and artistic elements of the exhibition, which refers primarily to the selection of themes and the way in which they are interpreted.

The project Ecomuseum Bistra is conceived as an integrated project whose purpose is to enable sustainable and participatory management of the entire heritage of the Bistra region based on ecomuseum postulates and to encourage the development of cultural and tourist facilities in the northwestern part of Zagreb County, along the slopes of Medvednica – from Sljeme the banks of the river Krapina in the west. Contents and activities in the revitalized building of the old school will be organized with the aim of meeting the cultural and social needs of the inhabitants of the municipality of Bistra, and no economic activity will be performed in the Ecomuseum Bistra. By using part of the renovated facility for purposes related to the promotion of the municipality of Bistra as a tourist destination, as well as the establishment of a tourist information center, the tourist attractiveness of this area for visitors, especially from the City of Zagreb, only twenty kilometers away from Bistra. Following the above, the result of the project implementation will be reflected in the increase in the number of visits to the cultural and tourist center Ecomuseum Bistra in 2024.
In conclusion, the implementation of the project Ecomuseum Bistra will provide an innovative, creative, integrated and effective “green” model of heritage management and will establish a new tourist destination near Zagreb (“gate of Zagorje”), whose offer will be based on professional interpretation of cultural and natural heritage, with special emphasis on traditional culture and local customs and products.

“The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund through the mechanism of Integrated Territorial Investments in the area of the Zagreb Urban Agglomeration.”

 EKOMUZEJ BISTRA – Project leaflet (in Croatian)


20. 04. 2022.

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08. 03. 2022.

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

  Zagreb County Tourist Board wishes to all women Happy Women’s Day! Spend every day, especially today, surrounded by love, attention and tenderness, do not let anything stop you in your dreams and be proud to be a woman! „Where there is a woman, there is magic.“ – Ntozake Shange

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