Linen and weaver’s workshop

lan-i-tkanjeLove and only love makes the world go round! Love also made this one most lovely product happen in the Zagreb vicinity; a project tied to tradition, art, the land and beauty – a project called Linen and the Weaver’s Workshop.

Have you ever had the opportunity, perhaps in your childhood while visiting an older person, or perhaps somewhere in a museum, to touch an old linen towel, the kind our ancestors dried their faces with?

If you have, then you certainly know how soft and pleasant the woven linen towel can feel, made from this beautiful plant which blooms with tiny sky-blue flowers on long green stalks in the middle of summer.

These blue linen fields have remained in the early childhood memories of many women in the villages of eastern Croatia – Slavonia and the plains surrounding Zagreb, where linen was an inseparable part of everyday life. From their earliest childhood, they recall hitting the stalks, soaking the linen, the rooms in the old, traditional wooden homes in which they were surrounded by these linen towels, sheets and clothing, sleeping on linen pillowcases, covering themselves with linen sheets which “breathe” and which wash wonderfully.

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