Rural tourism and excoursion sites

Rural tourism and excoursion sites

If you are contemplating where to spend your vacation, we’d like to remind you of the villages and small towns in the areas surrounding Zagreb, in the peace of greenery and far away from the everyday bustle. Rural tourism meets the expectations of both young and old with its well known hospitality and a table overflowing with tasty local specialities.

The rural tourism households of Zagreb County offer a great deal of variety: from sightseeing the area in a hot air balloon, taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, pony rides and horseback riding, various sports and recreation courts, walks through the forest to vineyards and old wine huts, visits to wine cellars, wine tasting in family wineries, viewing local ethnology collections, demonstrations of how mills and looms work to a pleasant stay in the lush green nature of the immediate Zagreb surroundings. Guests can become acquainted with farm animals, learn to milk a cow and meet some of the more unusual residents of this area, such as ostriches.

The resorts of Zagreb County are also very diverse. Here we find lakes and fish ponds where fishermen and walkers alike will find pleasure. Some resorts offer accommodation and local food and wine as well as pony rides, horseback riding school or offer relaxation through sports while children play on the playgrounds or in the mini zoo. Specialities of the county resorts include organic trout farming, organic farming, the sale of medicinal herb products, tea blends and herbal drinks.


Pokupsko @en — Povratak na vrh

Žumberak @en — Povratak na vrh

Kloštar Ivanić @en — Povratak na vrh

Žumberak @en — Povratak na vrh

Krašić @en — Povratak na vrh

Savsko Sutlanska valley — Povratak na vrh

Pisarovina @en — Povratak na vrh

Dugo Selo @en — Povratak na vrh

Vrbovec @en — Povratak na vrh

Sveti Ivan Zelina @en — Povratak na vrh

Sveta Nedelja @en — Povratak na vrh

Ivanić-Grad @en — Povratak na vrh

Jastrebarsko @en — Povratak na vrh

Velika Gorica @en — Povratak na vrh

Zaprešić @en — Povratak na vrh

Samobor @en — Povratak na vrh

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